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I have 40 years’ experience in environmental and sustainability management, monitoring, investigation, waste management, and water and wastewater treatment. I have specialist skills in the chemistry of oxidants in water, in the nature, analysis and control of natural organic matter and odours in water and air, and in the management of salinity.

My experience includes the preparation of sustainability and environmental management plans, environmental impact and sustainability assessments, sustainability initiatives and environmental audits. I have worked in industries such as mining, chemical processing, power generation, mineral processing, manufacturing, water and wastewater treatment.

I have developed and implemented sustainability initiatives in road construction such as reduction in water consumption, more efficient dust control, the use of crushed recycled construction and demolition waste, the value of urban trees, nutrient removal using waste products and biodiversity offset plantings.

I have managed and undertaken aquatic and atmospheric environmental monitoring programs, prepared waste inventories, and undertaken analyses of organic compounds present in water and air. I have experience in site selection, conceptual design and impact assessment of water treatment, landscape irrigation, irrigated woodlots and constructed wetlands.

I have worked on construction projects where I was responsible for managing environmental impacts and implementing sustainability initiatives. My experience includes work in the United States, India and Japan.

My specialities are as follows:

  • Water quality

  • Water treatment

  • Odour investigation and control

  • Flora and vegetation identification and restoration

  • Water conservation and reuse

  • Biodiversity protection and enhancement

  • Energy conservation and generation

  • Material recycling and reuse

  • Sustainability guidance and assessment

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