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Eddy Wajon


Western Australia

Dr Eddy Wajon

Eddy Wajon is active in conservation, takes stunning photographs of amazing wildflowers, writes and publishes wildflower guidebooks, and owns 2 bush properties in Gondwanalink.


EddyWajon is an expert in, and grows, protects and promotes, the value and beauty of the Western Australian (WA) bushland, especially the wildflowers. Eddy Wajon has been described as "A Natural Treasure" by the Wildflower Society of Western Australia (WSWA). Between 2011 and 2014, Eddy was the State President of the Wildflower Society, and the President of the Murdoch Branch of the Society. He was the Chair of the WSWA Roadside Vegetation sub-committee from 2017 to 2020. He has been the National Conservation Officer of the Australian Native Plants Society Australia since 2018.

Eddy Wajon has written and/or published 7 wildflower guidebooks covering the southwest of Western Australia. He leads wildflower tours and bush walks around Perth and WA for tourists, community groups and educational institutions.

Eddy Wajon and his wife own two large blocks of remnant bushland in the southwest of WA for conservation, Chingarrup Sanctuary in Boxwood Hill and Mondurup View in Tenterden, protecting, revegetating, managing and sharing them with friends and visitors from all over the world.

Eddy Wajon consults and provides advice in the areas of water quality and treatment, environmental approvals and management, and sustainability. Eddy is a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, and was President of the WA Branch in 1992-1993.


Stunning Western Australian wildflower

Eddy Wajon is an expert in Western Australian wildflowers and is passionate about growing, protecting and promoting the value and beauty of the flora and vegetation of the Western Australian bush.  He leads wildflower walks and tours, and take photos.

Eddy and Donna Wajon standign in revegetation at Chingarrup Sanctuary with Greening Australia's Barry Heydenrych

Eddy Wajon and his wife own two bush blocks (Mondurup View and Chingarrup Sanctuary) in the south-west of Australia, which are actively managed for conservation.
Both are part of the GondwanaLink which has an aspiration of "Reconnected country, from the karri forests of the far south west to the woodland and mallee bordering the Nullarbor, in which ecosystem function and biodiversity are restored and maintained".

Front and back cover to Colour Guide to Spring Wildflowers of Western Australia

Eddy Wajon has written and published four books on Spring Wildflowers of WA covering Perth and the Southwest, Kalbarri and the Goldfields, Esperance and the Wheatbelt, and Exmouth and the Pilbara.
Additionally, Eddy has published "How to Enjoy WA Wildflowers" by Jim Barrow.

Eddy Wajon has 40 years’ experience in environmental and sustainability management, monitoring, investigation, waste management, and water and wastewater treatment. Eddy has specialist skills in the chemistry of oxidants in water, in the nature, analysis and control of natural organic matter and odours in water and air.  Eddy offers fee-for-service advice in his areas of experience and specialisation.

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